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Client Bill of Rights


  1. The right to a clean and comfortable environment that follows best practices for health and safety.

  2. The right to equal treatment and service regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or physical ability.

  3. The right to respectful communication including the right to be addressed by your preferred name, correct pronouns, and the right to be in an environment free of hate speech or verbal harassment.

  4. The right to an artist technically and stylistically suited to your tattoo request.

  5. The right to ask clarifying questions about the tattoo process and technical decisions that go into design or placement and to be answered with respect.

  6. The right to be asked for approval on your final design, or regarding changes your artist may consider during the tattoo session.

  7. The right to be asked for consent about physical contact and touch needed to perform your tattoo, including adjustment or removal of clothing.

  8. The right to request and be provided with provisions toward your personal privacy and comfort to the best ability of the artist and shop.

  9. The right to have your accessibility needs met to the extent that the shop and artist are able to provide them.

  10. The right to confidentiality around personal and private information, including the right to be asked for consent before photos of you are taken or posted.

  11. The right to self-advocate and be heard if anything during your session or your overall shop experience does not feel right.

  12. The right to a space free of comments or judgment about your body.

Inspired by: Tamara Santibañez and K. Lenore Siner

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