You can find me making tattoos at two locations.

2117 E 11th St

Bremerton, WA

I'm always interested in talking about new tattoo projects or commissioned paintings. My time in each location is limited and for that reason I am selective about what endeavors I take on. I specialize in Japanese and American traditional style tattooing, and I am open to any idea that I think will make a nice tattoo. If you are interested in getting work from me, please include in your email a description of the image including size and location on the body, and your preference of Bremerton or Seattle. I currently have a 4 or more month wait in Seattle and a 2 month wait in Bremerton. I do my own booking, so please be patient while awaiting a response. It can often take me up to two weeks to get back to your email. 

*Respect the Magic*