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                                                                            TATTOO AFTERCARE

1.    Ask your artist how long to leave the bandage on for THIS tattoo. Each tattoo has a unique nuance and each artist tattoos differently.
2.    After removing your bandage, wash your tattoo twice daily with soap and water. Wash your hands prior to washing your tattoo. The first time you clean your tattoo after removing your bandage, wash it very thoroughly with hot (not scalding) water, then rinse it with cold water for 10-15 seconds to close your pores.
3.    You will need to lightly moisturize your tattoo, keeping it not too wet, not too dry. If you’re using lotion or coconut oil, wait at least 2 days before applying. If you choose to use ointment or balm, a light amount is all that is needed. Make sure your tattoo is dried before applying.
4.    Pet dander is a common source of infection. It is highly recommended that if an animal sleeps with you that you keep your tattoo covered with clean clothing.
5.    Do not scratch your tattoo. As your tattoo begins to heal it will itch. Gently patting the area relieves the itch.
6.    Do not soak your tattoo until it’s completely healed. This includes baths, swimming, saunas, hot yoga, or excessive sweating. Showering is great but limit your time in the shower.
7.    Protect your tattoo from the sun. Keep it covered with light clothing while it is healing, and then use sunscreen to preserve colors and ensure the vibrancy and life of your tattoo.
8.    If your tattoo has an infection, contact your artist and physician immediately.

                                                         OPTIONAL HEALING WITH TEGADERM
1.    Can be left on for 3-7 days. You may choose to take it off earlier than that if it is at all uncomfortable.
2.    Remove in the shower under running water. Wet the skin and gently peel away tegaderm.

Proceed to step 2 above. You may experience a “sunburn” feeling when removing the tegaderm. This is normal and will typically go away within an hour or two.


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